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Green Practices"Sustainability" is a word that gets thrown around in the corrugated industry a lot, especially in the manufacturing piece of it. "Going green" is a phrase that has become ubiquitous all over society — it's very trendy, and everyone wants to appear politically correct by "being a green company".

To Progressive Packaging, however, "sustainability" is a concept that is built into our business model. We were practicing sustainability before it was cool... so what does "sustainability" mean to us?

"Sustainability" Is...

Sustainability is the ability of a system to endure by remaining diverse and productive. As a company, we look 6 years down the road, rather than 6 months, in order to position ourselves as one of the leaders of manufacturing and distribution in the corrugated industry in the Southeast. It is our goal to create a business that is going to be around for a long time because we are constantly looking for ways to diversify and become more productive.

In Progressive Packaging's business model, we have 3 core tenets to creating a sustainable business: earth-friendly practices, diversity, and contingency planning.

Green Practices and Environmental Protection

Baler preparing waste corrugated material for recyclingThe foremost principle in our sustainability policy is that the world is getting smaller and the trash is getting larger. To combat this, our manufacturing facility recycles as much as we can. From our waste to our inks, we are committed to keeping as much garbage out of landfills as we can, and are always looking for new ways to improve on these practices.

We also use water-based inks to remove the danger of contaminating the water supply.

Finally, we are currently working on a project that will transition our fleet of trucks to using bio-diesel fuel. Keep an eye on our News section for our announcement that we have made this transition successfully!


At Progressive Packaging, we believe that diversity builds strength. To illustrate this, we are a minority-owned business, which creates an entirely new market for us. Being a woman-owned business helps us meet criteria for end users, and there are many tax incentives available for working with a minority-owned company!

We are constantly thinking "outside the box" — we're always asking, "How can we make Progressive Packaging more diverse?"

Woman-owned businessFor us, it comes down to relationship. If you don't have a relationship, what differentiates you from your competitors or the incumbent provider? We believe that you have to bring more to the table than just a "me too!" attitude. This is the philosophy behind our endless efforts to increase our diversity.

Contingency Plans

As we said earlier, sustainability means being able to endure by remaining diverse and productive. We've already talked about what diversity means to us, so let's talk a little bit about what it means to remain productive.

At Progressive Packaging, we believe that in order to remain productive, contingency planning is vital. We believe you have to have backup plans for your backup plans. If our facility were to blow up, our customers need to know that they will still be taken care of. They will still get their boxes when they need them.

For every machine in our facility that manufactures something, for every truck in our fleet, and for every employee on our premises, we have a backup plan in case something happens to that particular piece of the puzzle. Everyone understands the flow of operations and where each employee fits in that flow.

We are committed to making sure that our customers are taken care of, even in the event of a crisis or emergency.

Why This Makes Us Different

In this industry, everyone is rushing around trying to take the next big order. Progressive Packaging is not interested in being an order-taker — we are interested in being your problem-solver. The old-school way of operating a manufacturing facility is not going to cut it in the long-term.

Our commitment to green practices, our status as a minority-owned company, and our determination to let nothing stop us from delivering superior service to our customers every single time mean that we operate a sustainable business that is going to endure. With Progressive Packaging, you will know that your problems are our opportunities to "think outside the box" and find solutions unique to you!

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