Warehousing & Inventory Control

Progressive Packaging’s warehousing and inventory control services set us apart from the crowd, and warehousing and inventory control is the foundation our business is built on.

We initially began by solving issues our clients had with packaging products taking up space on their premises. All this clutter wasted valuable space our clients needed for the daily operations of their business and could cause costly delays when employees scrambled to assemble stored packaging and organize an outgoing shipment.

Progressive Packaging was able to step up and solve that problem for our clients, and we’ve never looked back.

Because warehousing and inventory control services is where Progressive Packaging began, we can say with confidence we know more about cost-effective warehousing and inventory control than anyone else out there.

a large clean warehouse with a fork lift

Free up space and money using our warehouse

Don’t keep your working capital tied up in piles of boxes on the floor; we can manage that for you! Progressive Packaging can store it in our secure onsite facility and bring your packaging to you daily or weekly for the same cost as buying in bulk.

We also offer inventory control services, allowing our clients to see their current packaging inventory at any time.

a fleet of trucks making a delivery

Get your packaging “just in time”

For clients who choose our Just-in-Time Delivery service, Progressive Packaging will keep your already-manufactured boxes in our warehouse, ready to be delivered within 1-2 days of an order.

We maintain our own private fleet of trucks and drivers, and our convenient locations right off the I-95 and I-85 travel corridor mean we can move quickly to deliver your packaging as soon as you let us know you need it.

Progressive Packaging tractor trailer

Make the most of our full-service packaging solutions

At Progressive Packaging, we take our reputation as the premier packaging solutions provider in the Southeast seriously.

We custom design corrugated packaging solutions to suit clients with specialized requirements or unique needs, test for durability, manufacture on-site, have the ability to hand assemble your packaging right here at our location as needed, and can even store and deliver manufactured packaging to free up your valuable company space.


Let’s work together to solve your packaging issues.

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