Food Packaging

It’s not enough to simply meet basic standards for quality and durability in the food industry.

At Progressive Packaging, we go above and beyond to provide food packaging solutions our clients have struggled to locate in the past.

We provide custom design corrugated packaging solutions for food to clients throughout our service area in the Southeast, including the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida.

Our food packaging clients are able to take advantage of our wax-coated packaging products to added safety and sanitation. Progressive Packaging can also provide produce packaging solutions, and we are AIB-certified to offer specialized bakery packaging solutions as well.

You can see more details on our bakery packaging solutions here.

produce packaging

Produce Packaging

When it comes to the already-specialized nature of food packaging, produce packaging presents its own level of complexity and specialization. Progressive Packaging is proud to offer a range of produce packaging solutions for clients, covering a variety of shape and safety requirements for produce distribution.

Our produce packaging solutions are designed to preserve freshness, reduce bruising and other unsightly discoloration or damage, and increase shelf life once the produce makes its way to its destination.

a large clean warehouse with a fork lift

Warehousing and Inventory Control

In a busy workplace, the space needed to store manufactured packaging materials is space that you could better utilize for your company’s daily needs. That’s why Progressive Packaging provides warehousing services for food packaging clients.

We’ll store your manufactured packaging onsite at one of our two locations in South Carolina. Once you let us know you need it delivered, our private fleet of trucks and drivers will deliver within 1-2 days as part of our Just-in-Time delivery service.


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