Plastic & Adhesive Packaging Solutions

The wide variety of adhesives and plastics on the market, and the incredibly diverse range of ways they are applied or utilized, requires an equal variety of packaging solutions.

Progressive Packaging provides custom design corrugated packaging solutions for adhesives, sealants, coatings, plastics, and more from our headquarters in Simpsonville, SC.

Our goal is to provide top-of-the-line packaging solutions that are both durable and cost-effective, alongside providing excellent customer service and warehousing, inventory control, and Just-in-Time delivery options to offer even more comprehensive packaging services.

can of liquid adhesive

Packaging Solutions for Adhesives

One of the most important aspects of adhesive packaging is protection against exposure to high levels of heat, moisture, or corrosion. Our custom design process allows us to offer high-performance containment solutions that are tailored to match your product’s formulation.

Whether your product is destined for industrial application or consumer use, our packaging solutions allow for fast and easy transport and help support a long shelf-life and preserve your adhesive product’s integrity.

plastic bottles

Packaging Solutions for Plastics

With plastics innovation increasingly moving towards thinner and more delicate items, the need for packaging that provides the right amount of protection against environmental exposure and damage becomes more and more essential.

Progressive Packaging’s packaging solutions for plastics allows plastics manufacturers to rely on us to keep their products safe from the moment of production to delivery to the end consumer.

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Request a consultation with Progressive Packaging

Progressive Packaging is the premier corrugated packaging solutions provider throughout the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida.

We don’t provide a one-size-fits-all packaging solution. Instead, we’re happy to consult with you onsite at your location. We’ll look over your current materials and process, discuss any concerns or problems you’d like solved, review the application, usage, and packaging requirements of your adhesive or plastic product, and custom design a package that works best for you.

We also offer warehousing and inventory control services to help our clients cut down on wasted space in their own facilities. Store your manufactured packaging products in our warehouse, with the ability to check on your current inventory whenever you like. Let us know you need packaging delivered, and our private fleet of trucks and drivers can deliver your packaging products to your door in 1-2 days.


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