Recreational Packaging Solutions

Progressive Packaging provides corrugated packaging solutions for bicycles, canoes, kayaks, and other outdoor recreational products.

Our custom design process allows us to ensure that your packaging is expressly designed for the safe delivery of your unique product, and we go above and beyond to embrace sustainability.

Alongside utilizing recycled materials when possible and our commitment to keeping our packaging products out of landfills, we also protect against groundwater contamination by using water-based inks. You can learn more about our sustainability initiatives here.

Packaging Solutions for Bicycles

With cycling rising in popularity among individuals looking for a fun and enjoyable way to stay active and cut down on the time they spend driving, companies that manufacture bicycles are producing a wider variety of products than ever to meet their needs.

Whether your company produces traditional road or cruising bikes or more specialized touring bikes, hybrids or comfort bicycles, cruisers, recumbent bikes, or other any cycling product, all of these different styles and bicycle types will require a different packaging design for optimal protection against damage during shipping and distribution.

Progressive Packaging provides custom design packaging solutions for bicycles, so we can work with you to ensure that your packaging reflects the varied and unique designs of your products.

Outdoor Recreational Product Packaging

Larger recreational products like canoes and kayaks can be difficult to ship in a cost-effective manner, and even more difficult to store and package to reduce the potential for scuffs, cracks, or other unsightly damage before they reach the customer.

This is where Progressive Packaging’s custom design capabilities truly shine.

We don’t build packaging for recreational consumer goods based on assumptions. Instead, we take the time to consult with you, look over your products, and custom design packaging solutions that perfectly match your specialized requirements.

creating a custom box

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Progressive Packaging is happy to chat with you about your packaging challenges or visit you at your location for an onsite consultation. We’ll look over the current packaging materials you use, as well as the product you provide, and custom design a packaging solution around your exact needs and detailed requirements.

Not only do we provide custom design packaging solutions, we also have warehousing and inventory control services available that put us head and shoulders above the competition.

We can store your boxes at one of our facilities. You’ll have the ability to look over your inventory whenever you want, and with our Just-in-Time delivery service, we can deliver your packaging to you within 1-2 days of you letting us know you need it.


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