“Sustainability” is more than a buzzword at Progressive Packaging.

Instead, it’s a concept we’ve built into the foundation of our business model. Long before the trend of eco-friendly initiatives took root, Progressive Packaging was already pursuing best practices in sustainability that have kept us ahead of the pack as an industry leader in sustainable packaging.

What does “sustainable packaging” mean?

Sustainability is the ability of a system to endure through diversity, productivity, and innovation. Progressive Packaging keeps our eyes focused on long-term goals rather than short-term trends. Not only has this positioned us as one of the leaders of manufacturing and distribution in the corrugated packaging industry in the Southeast, it’s allowed us to create a business that will stick around for a long time through diversifying our services and increasing productivity.

The Three Tenets of Sustainable Business

There are three essential tenets to creating a sustainable business that we have built into our business model:

Earth-friendly business practices


Contingency planning

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Earth-friendly business practices

The world is getting smaller, and the piles of trash and landfills are getting larger. We combat this worrying trend by recycling as much as we can.

From our waste to our inks, we are committed to keeping garbage out of landfills and leaving the Earth a better place than we found it.

On top of recycling, we utilize water-based inks to remove the danger of contaminating the water supply. We are always looking for new ways to improve on these practices and are currently working on a project designed to transition our fleet of trucks to using more environmentally-friendly fuel to lower our carbon footprint.

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We value diversity at every level

Progressive Packaging believes that diversity builds strength and sustainability long-term.

We are a minority-owned business, which creates new markets and helps to meet criteria and provides tax incentives for end users.

We are a WBENC-certified woman owned company, and we are proud to work with clients from a wide variety of industries throughout our service areas in the Southeast.

Our commitment to diversity doesn’t stop at the top. We are always working to increase and embrace diversity at every level, building relationships and forging connections with an eye towards the future.

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Contingency plans

Sustainability isn’t just about being “Earth-friendly”, but also about a company’s ability to endure by embracing diversity and increasing productivity.

Contingency planning is vital to a company’s ability to remain productive. In the event of a natural disaster or other event that seriously impacts our business, our clients need to know that they will still be taken care of. That’s why we have backup plans for our backup plans, and some backup plans for those, too.

For every machine in our facility, for every truck in our fleet, and for every single employee on our premises, we have a backup plan in place in case something happens to that particular piece of Progressive Packaging.

Our employees understand the flow of operations from the top down, where each individual fits into that flow, and what to do if there is a sudden change in operations.

This is our commitment to you; our clients are taken care of, no matter what.

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The Progressive Packaging Difference

In an industry rushing to try to snag the next big order, we’re not interested in just taking impersonal orders, but in being your problem solver.

Our commitment to greener, sustainable packaging practices, our status as a minority-owned company, and our determination to let absolutely nothing stand in the way of delivering superior service to our clients means that we have built a sustainable business designed to endure.

With Progressive Packaging, we think inside the box to design, produce, and provide corrugated packaging solutions that are unique to you.


Let’s work together to solve your packaging issues.

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